Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today for preschool we did some fun Halloween activities, and the boys got to dress up. J & K were Teenage mutant ninja turtles, P was a cowboy, G was Batman, E was Buzz Lightyear, and E's little brother D was a ninja.
First when the boys got here, we did a big alphabet puzzle, the boys new all there letters and sounds.

We played pin the face on the Jack-O-Lantern. Some of the boys put on a mouth, nose or eyes.
We had yummy Halloween cupcakes for a snack.
They all did a maze worksheet. They all made it through the maze very quickly. :)
We played a little game where they passed around a pumpkin with crayons inside, they passed it around the circle to music, when the music stopped, the boy who had the pumpkin picked out a crayon and said what color it was, they played it about 3 times before they got bored.

We talked about some safety rules for Trick-or-Treating. Some of the things the boys said were, always go with an adult, visit houses with lights on, stay outside, carry a flashlight or other light with you, have mom and dad check candy before eating it, look both ways before you cross the street. After we were done talking about safety, the boys stood in a circle and took turns saying trick-or-treat and thank you, and passing out their little treats.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We had PERFECT weather today to visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze. The kids had so much fun with the pumpkins, wheelbarrows, and the corn maze! (siblings came, too.)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"B" week

This week we learned about the color Brown,Letter B,Number 8,Shape Rectangle.One of the main parts of our lesson was learning about the different kinds of balls for sports. We went outside and the boys got to practice throwing a football,hitting a baseball,bouncing a basketball and kicking a soccor ball.

For our snack I gave the boys some cookie dough. They got to shape the letter B then we baked them in the oven. We threw in some Banannas and they enjoyed their own "B" snacks.

For our craft the boys made rectangular bookmarks. They got to decorate them with ball stickers and cut out things from magazines that started with the letter B.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This week in preschool we learned about Fall. When the boys got here, we went outside and they each found a pinecone that was open, then we went inside and put them in a bowl of water. When a pinecone is open it means it's dehydrated, so when you put it in water and it gets enough water it will close up.

We came inside and learned the letter F, I have a cute little fridge toy that says the letter and it's sound and a word that the letter starts with, the boys thought it was fun and wanted to do it over and over again. It said "I love to f f f f flyyyyyyy"
They also learned number Four and that it also started with the letter F.
Then they each took a turn tracing big and little F.
We went back outside and did some Fall exercises. We stretched like trees blowing in the wind. Then we were leaves falling from the trees, they fell gently, bouncy, spinning, and some other silly ways.

For snack time, we had pumpkin cookies.
For our activity, we made Fall trees. I traced their arm for the trunk of the tree and their hand for the branches, then they used their paints and did finger prints for the leaves.
K doing his tree.
At the end we played Fall Bingo.

After the game, we read the book, the little red hen.

Here is one of the pinecones mostly closed up.