Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Know Your City" Field Trip

April 11, for Blue Preschool, we took a field trip to downtown Salt Lake City and Temple Square. We rode the TRAX train to get there, which is always fun for a bunch of boys! Here they are at the TRAX station, by the ticket machine:
G, P, J, K, E
Sister M and K on TRAX
E on Trax
J, P, and G on TRAX

When we got off the train, downtown, we walked over to to Temple Square:
All the kids held on to a jump rope as we crossed or walked on busy streets.

P, G, J, E & K
in front of some of the beautiful flowers at Temple Square. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.

Once we arrived at Temple Square, each boy & sibling were handed this piece of paper:and a crayon. They were given instructions to look high and low, and find each object on the scavenger hunt and then cross it off. They had fun finding the items and did a really good job looking for them. We got quite a few smiles, laughs, and comments from other people as they watched this group of little boys and their siblings run around yelling, "I found the bell! It's right there!" and crossing it off their sheet.
P & J by a fountain
(BPS boys + sister M on the steps of the LDS Church Administration Building on South Temple)

When we finished the scavenger hunt, we were able to go to the observation deck of the LDS Church Office Building and see a bird's-eye view of all the rest of our city! It really is a great view from up there.(L, K, P, M, and E look at the State Capitol Building from the observation deck)