Thursday, January 27, 2011

World Music, Primary Colors

Gathering Activity- cars
Circle Time- Weather, Pledge, number 5, triangle shape.  I tried having the kids count out 5 beans each, but that didn't work so well- most of them seemed to just want to grab a handful.  
Theme Introduction- I read “Like Me and You” to the kids and talked about how there are kids who live all over the world, and although we have different clothes, food, music, and might look different we are all God’s children and all special.  I told the kids that we were going to take a trip around the world and find out more about some of the countries that thes kids from the story were from!  We talked about how we live in The United States of America and we saw where that was on the map. 
We went over rules and practiced how to form a line with the Star Helper in front!  They actually did a really good job!  I think sunbeams might have helped this as well since they all folded their arms and were really quiet whenever we did the lines.
Africa- First the kids took a trip to South Africa!  There they met a Safari-man (T's Daddy) who taught them about what kids are like in Africa- what they wear, what they like to do and eat, and what music they like.  He then taught the kids about how drums are very important in Afrcan music and they all got drums to bang on with him while they listened to some fun South African music.  They also each got a turn hitting the big drum.  Finally our Safari-man took the kid's on a Lion Hunt- which they all LOVED and was so cute to watch.
Here is a cute video of the kids in Africa and part of their Lion Hunt!

Germany- We next took the kids on a trip to Germany!  There we met Frau W (T's Grandma) who told us all about Germany.  She told us some fun words in German, about what kids might wear and bring to school in Germany, and about the forests and castles.  She also showed the kids a lot of fun items that she had- walking stick, German hats, dolls, wood carvings, caslte replicas, etc.  Next she talked about German music and how there was such a big variety of music since the country was so old.  She first played some "old" German music -a nice Bach piece- on the piano.  After that the kids got to see a German horn and hear T's Daddy play it- then they all got turns playing the horn. She also talked about how the horn was used for hunting and had all the kids go on a Fox Hunt.  Finally she had them listen to a fun polka and dance however they felt they should to the music.  Then, to top it all off we did the most famous polka of all... The Chicken Dance!!
Another video of the kids in Germany- notice P dancing to the polka... he must have some German in him! 
Mexico- Next on our World Tour we stopped in Mexico where we met Sinora W (Teacher W) who even had a large Mexican sombraro.  She showed the kids a picture of kids in Mexico and talked about what it is like there.  She talked about their beaches and even showed the kids a few sea shells.  She also talked about the kind of food they eat in Mexico and the kids all got to try some chips and salsa.  Next they learned about Mexican music and talked about how the maracas they made on Tuesday were Mexcian instruments.  Finally they all danced with colorful scarves and ribbons to a fun Mexican song.           
Passports- All the kids got a passport (just a paper with their picture and name on it) that they took around on their World Tour. Whenever they got to a new country they were given another "stamp" for their passport that we glued on.  At the end Teacher W even glued on their fortunes from their fortune cookies- so cute!  These were their binder papers for today.
Free Time- play cars
Primary Color Centers- The kids got to pick one of three centers to go to- they could switch whenever they wanted.  Center 1 had fruit loops and yarn where the kids put red, yellow, and blue fruit loops on the yarn to make necklaces and patterns.  Center 2 was paint mixing. The kids got to pick two of the primary colors to mix together and see what happened! Center 3 was a dress up corner where the kids could dress up in clothes of red, yellow, and blue.  The kids loved the centers and it was so fun to let them have some self-directed learning and I think most of them tried all three centers at one point. 
 E showing off his fruit loop necklace- he was really good at stringing that cereal!
Before all the kids left I got a picture with them all in the different hats from our World Tour.  It was really cute and a lot of fun!
 EW, J, and G
 P, T, and EM
China- Finally on the World Tour we stopped in China.  There they met our Chinese lady (me) who taught the kids about life in China.  She showed the kids a picture of what children look like and wear in China and also what they might wear to school. They talked about how the Chinese way of writing is much different from ours and she had all sorts of fun Chinese writing for them to look at.  They then learned about music in China and all had a chance to ring a Chinese bell that you might find in a temple over there and then listen to some fun music while they played a chopsticks game.  She told them how in China they won't use a spoon or fork, but will use chopsticks to eat with.  They each then got to try to pick up some colored marshmallows and eat them with chopsticks which was pretty funny, but they all ended figuring out a way to get them in their mouths using only chopsticks!
Snack- For snack we talked about the Primary Colors and sang the first part of the Primary Colors song.  We then made red (raspberries), yellow (bananas), blue (blueberries) smoothies and had fortune cookies.  All the kids got to help make the smoothies- either putting in the ingredients or pushing the button on the smoothie maker. 


  1. Well... my next lesson is going to be pretty lame in comparison to this week's activities!
    Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. You're amazing.

    My mom said, "These boys are going to be really disappointed when they have to go to Kindergarten & find out how dull real school is."

    And, by the way, P does have quite a bit of German in him. Way to polka, little man!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing as J. Time to get the creative juices running. Thanks for all the hard work R. I looks like it was a super fun week!

  3. Funny that I think the same thing after all of your lessons! I love you girls and your lessons are always super awesome. T is so blessed to have so many amazing teachers with their own unique styles.

    I agree with your Mom, J, these boys are going to have a let down in Kindergarten:)