Thursday, January 5, 2012

Letter N Week

This week we studied the Letter N, number 9,color white and square shape.We kicked it off by doing some counting games with books and cookies. Then we talked about different words that start with the letter N like nose,nine,New years and Noise. I gathered up some things(scissors, tape,air freshener, keys ect) and had the boys guess what it was with their eyes closed.They were pretty good at guessing what the noise was.
Then we read a fun book about a dog named Noodles. For our craft the boys made noodle necklaces.
Then the kids practiced their letter N writing. The got to color pictures that started with the letter N.
For our last activity we played hide-n-seek with the letter N. Each kid got to hide it somewhere in the living room. The boys could of played this for hours. They loved it!
Star Helper Jack.

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