Monday, February 21, 2011

5 senses

Gathering activity: Playdough.
Color: Pink
Letter: S
Shape: Handprint
We sang the 5 senses song:
With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we can touch (clap, clap) with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste, now thankyou very much.
Touch: I put the paint on their hands, and they did a handprint. They said the paint was cold, wet, and gooey.
Sight: Each child looked in the mirror at their reflection, I then had them breath on it and watch what happened. (In the pic, D, EM's baby brother, didnt want to give the mirror back) We then played I-Spy.
Taste: I had 3 things to taste, lemonade, smarties, and potato chips. Each kid tasted one and they told me if it was sour, sweet or salty. Then we had our real snack, cheese and crackers.

Sound: Each child took turns hiding with a whistle, when they found their hiding spot they started blowing the whistle and the other kids would follow the sound to find them, they really liked this game, and did such a good job taking turns.
Smell: For smell we made flowers and I sprayed them with a scent.
We missed J, P and G, they were not feeling well.

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