Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb 10, Valetine's Day Lesson

For a gathering activity, we played with RED playdough and especially made sure that each child made at least one heart shape in the playdough. Then we moved to opening activity and introduced
Shape: heart or valentine
Color: red
Letter: V

We talked about Valentine's Day coming up. On Valentine's Day, we do things for or give things to people we love. We talked about the people we love (parents, siblings, friends.)

Then, each student made a valentine and we put them in an envelope and mailed them to our family. It was a nice day and we walked to the mailbox to mail the letters. This was good practice on staying together, holding hands, and staying close to a teacher. (We didn't see any cars, but had a plan just in case.)

After the little walk, we had snack time: all RED food! (strawberry applesauce, a red apple, craisins, and gatorade.)

After this, we made a get well card for G, who had his tonsils out this week. Then we had an impromptu singing time and did all the "action songs" we could think of. It was a nice break and the children really seemed to enjoy moving and wiggling. Then it was time for our Valentine exchange. Sorry I don't have any pictures; it was pretty chaotic. Each child gave each of the others a Valentine. (Great work, BPS moms, on the valentines. Really, they were all so cute!)

We ended with a few minutes of free play time.

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