Monday, May 16, 2011

Bike Day

After the lesson last week that Teacher S gave on Safety we had a fun Bike Day at the park for our last field trip.  First the boys all got a few safety reminders from Teacher W while they sat in the shade.
 After that she gave each family a paper and crayons to make a traffic sign.  They each got to choose which sign to make and color.  We had STOP signs, ONE WAY, NO LIMIT, YIELD, MEN WORKING, and a U-TURN sign!  Here is T making his sign with his Dad.
 J and his brother K making their sign with their Mom.
 After they made their signs they got some chalk and props and helped make a road and obsticle course.  The Moms and Dads held up the traffic signs as the kids got to ride their bikes, scooters, tricylces or anything else the brought around the road they had made.
 They were really good at obeying most of the traffic signs and went around and around the road for a very long time!  They all loved it and didn't want to stop.
 After a while P decided it was more fun to hold the signs and play traffic cop than ride his bike:)  He did a good job making sure the kids slowed down on the tight corners.
 G focused on riding as fast as he can!
 EM pedaling hard.
 J and K obeying the stop sign.
 EW turning a tight corner.
 T zooming on past.
What a fun day and a great way to practice bike safety!
After biking hard we went over to the playground and had lunch.  We also fed the ducks- which was pretty cute.

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