Friday, June 24, 2011


It's taken a while, but here are some pictures from our Blue Preschool Graduation! The boys all seemed to have a great time and it was a wonderful way to end such a fun year of preschool. We all missed Teacher B and J but everyone else was able to attend with their families for support.

Teacher and Preschool boys. We were all sure proud of those little boys and they were sure proud of themselves:)
From left to right: Teacher W and G, Teacher S and EM, Teacher J and P, Teacher C and EW, Teacher R and T.
Each of the boys had their own special chair to sit on for graduation (made by Teacher R).
The boys wore their Blue Preschool shirts and Teacher J made cute graduation hats for each one. They then took turns walking down the aisle and getting their cute diploma (made by Teacher C). It was really fun to watch them be so proud of themselves and grown-up as they shook Teacher W's hand and got their diploma.

T getting his diploma.
G getting his diploma.
P getting his diploma.
EW getting his diploma.
EM getting his diploma.
P then led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance- something the boy's learned really well since we did it every preschool class.
EW and Teacher C led the boy's in "Higgly Wiggly Bumblebee".
Each boy got to introduce themselves by saying their name in the song. T sure liked saying his name into that microphone!
G is so proud of himself after saying his name!
EW did NOT like it when everyone shouted for the song:)
P was very involved and sang the whole thing!
Each boy then got a turn to give a little talk about themselves where they told us a little bit what things they liked about preschool and what they had learned this year.

G was the first to go and he did a great job!
EM was next. It was great to see him speak up so well and not be scared at all. Way to go EM!
T loved that microphone and thought he was a pretty big boy and loved sharing what he had learned in preschool.
EW was so cute and made everyone smile.
P had his whole talk memorized and even used flash cards so he could do it all by himself! We decided he would probably be the Class President:)
After the talks and songs the boys passed out popcorn to everyone and we watched a slideshow (made by Teacher R) of music and pictures from our year of Blue Preschool. What a great way to finish out graduation and relive some fun memories.
All the boys with their diplomas. From left to right: T, G, EM, P, and EW.
Jumping for joy!
Yeah! We love Blue Preschool!
We did it!
The boys and their Teachers (Moms). What a fun group and what a great year of preschool we had! From left to right: Teacher W, Teacher S, Teacher J (who had just had her baby a few days previous!), Teacher C, and Teacher R.

We missed Teacher B and J so much and wished they could've joined us. Preschool would not have been the same without them!
Finally we had some refreshments and a big Bounce House (that Teacher C brought) for the kids to play in. We got down the big preschool banner and were going to have the kids break through it to get to the Bounce House as a final celebration. Well... they tried...
But they just bounced off it then when it fell down proceeded to run to the Bounce House. Notice all the parents laughing their heads off behind them, and Parker's dad (on the left) saying, "Why me" to himself.
The second time one of the Dads punctured the sign a little bit with his leatherman so the boys were able to break through. Too cute!
We did it! Wahoo!
Thanks to everyone for an amazing year!

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