Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All things J

Today in Blue Preschool, we talked about the LETTER J! (For Jana, of course!) We looked at an upper- and lower-case J, talked about the sound "juh," and learned how to make a "J" in American Sign Language. Then, the boys (who were all dressed in their Jammies) had show-and-tell of things that start with the letter J.
G had prepared a Joke and a Justin Bieber song, K & J brought Jayden action figures, P had a picture of a jaguar, and E brought The Joker. I showed them my Jewelry.

We went outside to Jump on Js, Jog, and Jump rope.To practice fine motor skills and letter recognition, we looked through magazines and cut out the letters of our names and pasted them onto paper. The boys had so much fun looking for the letters that the other boys needed for their names!
Next was snack time! The boys got to Juice their own oranges. They also ate Jam on bread, and Jiggly Jello. (I had intended to let them get a Jellybean out of our little gumball machine, but I forgot!)

Next, we made a craft: A Jellyfish! We pulled up some YouTube videos of Jellyfish, slowly and quietly floating through the water. Then we made our own: (Plastic grocery bag stuffed with tissue paper and tied off with a rubber band. Tentacles made from curly ribbon.)

Last but not least, we played with Jars. We discovered that they made different sounds with different amounts of water in them. So, we lined them up and played a song. The boys requested: "I Am a Child of God."
We have some little musicians--Thanks to Teacher R, last year!

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