Monday, September 19, 2011

The Wonderful World of W

Preschool this week was filled with the letter “W” for Teacher W. She shared a few of her favorite things, all starting with the letter “W”.

First she loves to Wear purple, make the letter “W” with her fingers and Whisper the number 10.

She loves to Watch for stars as they come into the sky. We talked about What was the only star we could see during the day? THE SUN!

Teacher W loves to Walk and Wave at people as they go by. So we went for a Walk to a neighbor’s house where we picked blackberries and grapes. The kids gathered as many as they could. It was so much fun. We also collected a bit of sand for our art project. We held hands to cross the road and practiced our safety rules. The kids were great!

Then we Wrote with Washable markers on posters on the driveway, While listening to fun music. The kids were so creative!

While the kids colored, Teacher W took one boy at a time and had them Write their name with glue and then sprinkle sand on it. It was MAGIC to see their names appear. The LOVED every minute of it.

After all the fun, we had a fun snack inside of Watermelon and Teacher W’s Wacky muffins (zucchini). YUM! They also ate the fruit they picked earlier. While they ate the boys Watched Teacher W read two of her favorite books, “Little Tug” and “Duck in a Truck”.

After snack time we turned on a few of the Upstart Waterford Institute ABC and number songs. The boys LOVED watching them and singing along. We also had a chance to play a fun Discovery Toys game “Roll and Play”. We had so much fun today! We love our boys! !

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