Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Party

We had a great Christmas party that W put on for our last day of Blue Preschool of this year.  It was a lot of fun and we were so glad to have everyone there!

The kids started out by painting popsicle stick Christmas tree ornaments with their Moms.  After they were dry the Moms could put a picture of their child in the tree!
After the painting we played pin-the-nose on Rudolph (that R had made) and the kids thought it was pretty fun to put on a blind-fold.

 Next B helped the kids play Santa bowling. All the kids were pretty good at this and had fun knocking the pins down and helping B set them back up again.
The kids then got to take a whack at a candy cane piñata that C had brought.  Some of those kids have very strong arms!  They thought that was fun and were excited to get little airplanes and treats from the piñata when they broke it open.
B and J then took the kids into another room and they read some Christmas stories while the other Moms got lunch ready.  For lunch we made quesadillas, carrots, snowman pretzels, reindeer sausages, and had a wonderful fruit Christmas tree that J made.

Finally all the kids got to sit in a circle and pass around their white elephant presents that they had brought while singing Once There Was a Snowman!  After the song ended they got to open up the present and see what they got!  It was a fun party and we hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

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