Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Under The Sea

We had a fun week at school. It was an "Under The Sea" theme. I had the boys use a fishing pole and they fished for sea animals then we talked about them.When we got to the crab I taught them about to do the crab walk...then they raced and had a fun time. We learned about the color blue, letter S and the number 9. This week we are also taking them to the Aquarium.
For their snack I made blue jello and put cut up grapes in it. I told them it was the sea with fish in it.

We made a fish bowl for their craft. I love how they all have thier own style when coloring.

They were so excited to take a fish home. We love these kids!

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  1. Such a fun lesson... thanks B! T had a great time and named his fish Beeks.