Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow/Winter Lesson

S gave a fun lesson about snow and winter on Tuesday.  The kids even got to put on their snow gear and play in the snow at her house!  Here are her lesson plan and pictures:

Gathering activity: Play in snow
Welcome: Song, pledge, calendar, weather.
Introduce: color White, pointed out things throughout the lesson that were white. 
Number 10:  Sang 10 little snowflakes....One little two little three little snowflakes, four little five little six little snowflakes seven little eight little nine little snowflakes 10 little snowflakes falling down.
Letter W...W is for Winter,  Learned the sound wuh wuh.
Shape:  Snowflake - Made snowflakes for book.
Free time
Snack time:
two biscuits with raisins as eyes and buttons
Reading time: Hurray for snow!Discussion:  Winter is one of the four seasons.    Snow is water that freezes as it falls to the ground.
Project: Made snowmen out of different shapes.

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