Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five Senses

We missed J and K this week, it wasn’t the same but we made the best of it. We started our day with a group puzzle. The boys worked side by side building this enormous puzzle. When it was done, they were so PROUD! We talked about how we have the senses of touch and sight. Without these senses, how would we have put this puzzle together? The boys were grateful to have these senses!

Then we worked on the sense of sound. First we played a game of “Sound Bingo” with picture boards. As we listened to sounds on a c.d., the boys covered the pictures with tokens. Their favorite sounds were the motorcycle, fire engine and toilet flushing! We then played a game of “Hide and Seek” but only used our ears to find the person hiding. The boys LOVED this game and each had a turn hiding. What fun!

Next we worked on our sense of smell. We had several cups filled with different smells that the boys gave a whiff. They loved the smell of cinnamon and peppermint. The disliked, VERY MUCH, the smell of soy sauce.

Next the boys used their sense of taste. THIS WAS A FUN ONE! The boys tasted limes (E’s favorite), popcorn, candy and unsweetened cocoa powder. The boys disliked VERY MUCH the cocoa powder. Teacher W has never laughed so hard at Blue Preschool. Then we had trail mix, popcorn, limes and water for our snack.

We had a fun day at Blue Preschool. We also talked about the color yellow, the letter “S”, the number 5 and the shape of our hand (to remember how many senses we have). The boys were so much fun and great sports with today’s lesson.

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