Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Science Experiment Day

Today for Blue Preschool we did a few science experiments. The kids had fun with the hands-on activities. First, we talked about opaque and translucent. We tried shining a flashlight through several different objects to determine whether they let the light pass through.

Next, we talked about things that dissolve. The boys had fun stirring different ingredients into their little bowl of water to see whether they would dissolve or not. They wrote their observations on a little chart:

Next, we talked about solids, liquids and gasses. They boys got to try to turn a solid (ice) into a liquid (water.) They tried a few different things: blowing on the ice cube, holding it, waiting for the air to melt it, wrapping it in a towel, and then E had a great idea. His idea was to stick it in hot water! Then it melted quickly.Next, we turned a liquid into a solid. We shook cream in a jar until it turned into butter. Then for snack, we ate toast with butter and jam. (It tasted even better since we had just made the butter!
After snack, we worked on another chart, deciding whether certain objects would float or not:
Last, each boy was given a magnifying glass and they chose an object to study. Then, they drew a picture of what the item looked like when it was magnified.
It was a fun day and I think the boys had fun! (But, we missed G.)

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