Sunday, November 6, 2011

Music Day

Today was MUSIC DAY! We had so much fun! We learned the symbol for music, we recognized that sheet music comes in black and white, we learned the number one for “one at a time and taking turns”, we learned the letter “M” for music and we learned all about making music.

We started with a fun game of Letter Bingo. We worked as teams, taking turns. Next we watched a fun Sesame Street DVD about Music. The kids learned that making music is easy and can be done with ANYTHING! Next we played with some Discovery Toys musical instruments and played along to different types of songs. Each song had a different rhythm, beat and feel to it. The kids passed different instruments to each other so each child had a turn playing each instrument.

Next we went in to the piano to see sheet music and what we can do when we read it. Teacher W played a few songs on the piano for the kids to guess: “I am a child of God”, “Families are Forever” and “Mary had a little lamb”. The kids each took a turn playing the piano. They loved showing the other kids what they could do. The kids told them how they felt while they played the songs (sleepy, happy, sad, excited).

Next was snack time: cheese ball drums, Pocky drum sticks (a stick cookie) and accordion apple slices. We watched, during snack time, what an accordion looks and sounds like when played. Next we listened to other types of music. Then it was free time. The kids played all the instruments we had until their moms came to pick them up.

What a fun, loud, exciting day! So exciting, teacher W forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

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