Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bean Sprouts

For W's lesson on Spring and Seasons a month ago she gave each of the kids a bean to put in a baggie with a paper towel and instructions to water it each day until it sprouted.  Well, T and I put his bean by the kitchen window and faithfully kept it watered, but nothing happened!  I almost chalked it up to my severe brown thumb when one day, a few weeks later, we noticed that our bean had sprouted!!  We were very excited and continued watching it's progress over the next few days when one morning we woke up to see this...
This gigantic bean had grown so much that is was escaping from it's baggie!  We finally took it out and planted it in a little pot.
A few days later it looks like this!  We might need a bigger pot...
Did anyone else have success with their beans?

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  1. Yes, ours sprouted but then it started molding in the bag so I threw it out (I did show it to E first though). I was planning to have my kids plant some other seeds like sunflowers or something though.