Saturday, April 30, 2011

Train Ride

For our transportation field trip this week we went on a ride on the light-rail train in town (TRAX).  The boys were thrilled by the whole experience.  They thought buying tickets, sitting and waiting for our train, and then riding the train were so fun!  It was really cute to see their huge eyes and giant grins because they got to ride on a "Choo-choo train"!!  The whole trip was just delightful and we were also blessed with beautiful weather for the whole morning (a huge feat this month). 
 All the boys waiting for the train to come.
Is it coming??
Riding the train!
A very excited EW riding the train.
 G and T show their excitement for being on a train.  G said, "I'm so happy to be on a train right now!"
 EM riding with his Mommy.
We rode downtown then got off at the old Union Train Station and let the kids look at all the cool pictures of trains on the walls and stain glass and run around to their hearts content- what a perfect thing for little boys who had been sitting so still for 20 minutes:)
After this we watched the fountains at the Gateway and the kids loved enjoying the beautiful day and watching the water.
We then went to the food court and got some ice cream cones.  The kids loved it even though it was early in the morning and it was a fun treat to have before we took the train back home.  (Oh, and we also took a little trip up and down the escalators which was also very exciting).
The whole gang with yummy ice cream.
 EM with a great ice cream face.
 EW taking his ice cream eating very seriously.
 C (EM's brother) enjoying his ice cream very much!
While we were waiting for the train for our ride back we sang, "The Wheels on the Bus" and then the modified "The Wheels on the Train" which was really cute.  The boys were also delighted when "Mr. Conductor" actually waved to them as the train pulled up. 

On the whole it was a great field trip and one those boys won't soon forget:)

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  1. R you took some FANTASTIC pictures! The field trip really was a lot of fun, probably E's favorite. Thanks for posting about it.