Monday, April 11, 2011


Last Thursday, we talked about Manners. First, after our gathering activity, welcome, pledge, and weather, we practiced writing or tracing the letter U. We talked about words that start with "U" and the boys' favorite was "Underwear." (Well, they ARE boys.)

The boys were introduced to the color gray and we identified the gray things we could find in the room. Later, the boys were able to look around outside and find a gray object and we took a picture of them with it:

EM and the GRAY HOSE:P and the GRAY BRICK:
J and the GRAY CEMENT WALL:(The day was chaotic and not all the boys chose to participate in this activity.)

We learned the shape OCTAGON and talked about stop signs, since they are an octagon we see almost every day. This stop sign was the boys' take-home reminder to use good manners:
During our lesson time, we first talked about manners in the classroom setting and played "Thumbs up, thumbs down" as each appropriate or inappropriate behavior was named.

We then moved to snack time where we briefly talked about table manners and each boy practiced by asking for food by saying, "Please pass the muffin" and "Thank you for the water."
We sang a song called "Two Little Magic Words"

Two little magic words that will open any door with ease,
The first little word is "thanks" and the other word is "please."
If you want the butter, say "please pass the butter"
Manners are never out of style.
When you get the butter, say "thanks for the butter."
Say it with a great big, happy smile!
Two little magic words that will open any door with ease,
The first little word is "thanks" and the other word is "please."

Our craft was "cover your sneeze, please!" The boys traced their hand, cut it out, and glued it to the page with a tissue. During this time, we covered what to do if our bodies made a sound and what the best thing to do is. (By the way, the boys did all answer this correctly, so they do KNOW the rules, even if they are not implementing them at this time!)
We also briefly covered telephone etiquette and tried to have the boys act out scenarios.

The books we read were:
"Cookie Monster and the Sharing Tree"
"The Thingamajig's Book of Manners."

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