Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoo Animals

This picture is of the boys holding up their animals that they brought from home. It was fun to hear them talk about which one was their favorite. We sang the song "5 little monkeys". We also read the book "Goodnight Gorilla". Then we played charades and the boys got to act out different animals. We had a Zoo Field trip planned for last week but it got canceled because of the weather. Hopefully we will make it soon!
For the lesson we went on a Safari around our house. I had hung up different zoo animals in all the rooms and the boys got to go find them.Then we discussed each animal.

We made a bendable monkey for our craft. They all did a great job coloring, cutting and glueing.

Snack time was fun. I bought some Zoo animal crackers. They enjoyed guessing which animal they were about to eat.

The boys are holding up their Monkeys.

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  1. It was a really cute, well-planned lesson. Great job, Bonnie. I think they all really enjoyed it!