Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Carnival

We had a great Fall Carnival in preschool on Thursday.  We all got together and enjoyed the great fall weather for a fun morning. 

The kids had a blast running and jumping in a huge leaf pile.
 All the kids brought a pumpkin and had fun using their artistic talents painting the pumpkins.
After pumpkins we had a great snack.  W brought an air popper and popped popcorn for all the kids.  B also brought some yummy apple cider and cookies.

We then had the boys try bobbing for apples- which was pretty funny.  They all gave it a try, though, and eventually got their apples.  (Once we told them to grab the stem it went a lot faster.) 
The kids then played on the playset, jumped in leaves some more, and had wagon rides around the yard while C did face painting.
Finally we had a picnic on the lawn.  It was great weather and we all had a great carnival!


  1. it really was fun. the boys were so cute, and I loved the awesome weather. thanks for the fun morning!

  2. It sounds like a glorious morning! Perfect ending for the autumn weather!

  3. It looks like a fun carnival, especially the wagon rides. I hope they can remember this when they get bigger. -Shirley

    I liked the apple-bobbing and treats. Wish I'd been there. Those sure are good-looking kids -Chuck