Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(W's description of Halloween preschool at her house!)

Today was a SUPER FUN day at Preschool!  We had special visitors come for the day.  It was a lot of hard work, mainly by the mommies, to arrange for these visitors to come dressed in their best attire.  The visitors were:  Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Tigger, Lightening McQueen, a Pirate and Peter Pan.  We were so excited they would spend the day at Blue Preschool with us.  
The guests were happy to learn about the letter H, the color purple, the number 5 and the crescent shape.  We think the crescent shape was their favorite part of the lesson because it can look like the moon, a happy face or a sad face.  Peter Pan helped count how many more days until Halloween (5).  Our Pirate led the pledge of allegiance while Woody held the flag.  Lightening McQueen observed the weather and told us it would be a sunny but cold day.  Tigger pointed out that there were clouds outside as well.  Good team work!
Next we learned what “5 Little Pumpkins” did while sitting on a gate.  Our guests decided to draw a picture about that story on purple paper with the help of chalk and orange pumpkin colored stamps.  They of course had to draw themselves in the pictures as well.  After some singing and dancing and some yummy pumpkin shaped cheese, crackers and raisins to make jack-o-lantern faces, we took a break with some free play time.  Our guests LOVED the hot wheels cars and played nicely together, just as we hoped they would!
Then the mommies came to preschool early to watch our guests practice how to safely go trick or treating.  They each had a turn to go around the circle and say “trick or treat”.  Each of our guests brought a treat or prize to share with their friends.  They all had a wonderful time together.  The mommies were very proud of their little ones and had big smiles to show it!  We feel that each of our guests had a very special day and can’t wait to show what they have learned at preschool this Halloween.    Love you, Miss W
 Top row left to right: EM, G, P, little J, C (EM's brother) Bottom row left to right: EW and T

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