Sunday, October 17, 2010

Utah Museum of Natural History- Field Trip

On Friday our Thursday Preschool group took a special field trip to the Utah Museum of Natural History to learn more about the week's topic of dinosaurs. We changed the trip to Friday so we could also see the dinosaur show at the Mmuseum.

Here is T, G, EW and some of their siblings by a fun dinosaur in the wall that you can put pennies in and it will roar.
 Here is T in the dinosaur hall.  T and G both said their favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus (pictured behind).
 T and G putting together a dinosaur bone puzzle. 
 G, T, and EW at the dinosaur dig.  They got to use little brushes and tried to find bones and fossils in the dirt.  It was very entertaining, but rather busy.
Finally the kids got to watch the dinosaur show in the lobby.  It was cute and at the end they got to see the new dinosaur that was just discovered- the Utahceratops- come out to great everybody... none of the kids wanted to get close enough to take a picture with it. 
 After all the fun we went to a near-by park and had lunch.  There was even a dinosaur to climb on at the park!

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