Friday, October 1, 2010

This is the Place Heritage Park

Our first field trip was a great success!  We met up at This is the Place Heritage Park and had a great morning with all the Blue Preschool kids.  Before we went into the park all the kids got their new field trip t-shirts that R made.  The shirts say "BLUE preschool" on them and the kids all loved wearing them!  It was also nice and easy for the Moms to spot where our kids were at all times. 
From left to right: P, G, EM, J, T, EW
To start off we went on a train ride around the park. 
All the kids got to pan for gold in the stream.  Here is S helping from left to right: T, EM, J, and P pan for gold... with some of their siblings.
 Each kid found a little piece of "gold" from the creek that they were able to trade in at the Bank for a piece of candy.  Here they are making their transaction.
We also rode the little train around the lake 3 times and the kids loved singing Old Mcdonald and screaming in the tunnel.  We also took a quick stop in the school house so the kids could see how children went to school in the pioneer times.  They liked drawing on their slates as they finished their candy from the banker.
 Then we over to the pony ride where each kid got to take a ride on a horse.  They were all very brave and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Here is T on the front horse and G on the back horse taking their turns.
After the pony rides the kids were able to pet the sheep and goats. The also were able to look at the cows, pigs, and rabbits.  How fun for them to learn about these animals on Tuesday then get to see, pet, and ride them on Thursday! 
We ended up with a little play time at the kid's village where all the boys enjoyed running around and playing in the houses and on, yet another, train.  Here is P, G, and J at the firehouse.

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  1. Great field trip. Lucky boys. The teachers of this pre-school are very creative. -Chuck and Shirley