Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Leaves Lesson

Today Teacher R had the kids at her house.  Here is her lesson on Fall Leaves!

Leaves Lesson Plan
Objective- All students will learn to recognize that leaves change each season and during the autumn the leaves change color to red, orange, yellow, and brown before they fall off the trees.  Children will also learn to recognize and identify the letter B, number 2, color yellow, and diamond shape.
Creative Play- When kids arrive they can play leaf matching, make leaf rubbings, or examine leaves with microscopes.
Gathering Activity/Songs- We’ll sing Higgly, Wiggly, Bumblebee then I Like to go to School to get ready for circle time.
Welcome- Talk about weather and day of the week. Introduce the number 2 and how to sign it.  Introduce the diamond shape- students will take turns identifying 2 diamonds each out of 24 shapes on a board.  Introduce the letter B and read the B book.
Introduce Autumn Leaves
Singing Time- Sing 5 Little Leaves

Six little leaves so bright and gay (all six children can be leaves) Were dancing about on a tree one day (children twirl and dance) The wind came blowing through the town (teacher pretends to be wind and blows very hard) And one little leave came tumbling down (teacher touches one child on the head and as she/he does the child twirls to the ground) Five little leaves... Four little leaves... Three little leaves... Two little leaves... One little leaf so bright and gay Was dancing about on a tree one day The wind came blowing through the town And one little leaf came tumbling down. (all children are on the floor)
And then I came and raked them all up in a pile! (Teacher pretends to rake the leaves into a big pile. The children love to scatter at this point so you can't rake them up.

Lesson- Read Fall Leaves Fall and talk about how leaves change each season.  The posterboard will have a winter tree.  Students will take turns putting green leaves on the tree for spring/summer tree then switching the leaves from green to yellow to make an Autumn tree. 
Each kid will pick two leaves.  We will talk about the qualities of each leaf (T's leaf is yellow and small) then paint print them in framed paper for their book.                            
Snack/Story- Snack will be toast leaves with strawberry or apricot jam and water.  We will read The Little Yellow Leaf while they eat snack.
Craft- We will make colorful leaves with bits of construction paper and clear contact paper .
 Free Play- Outside in the leaves

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  1. R,
    Great job on the lesson today. Sorry if E was a little difficult. It has been a rough couple of days for him. You're lesson plan looks great. I don't know if I have said this or not, but thanks for creating this blog. Very cute leaf stuff!