Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art Gallery

We had the amazing opportunity to visit the William's Fine Art Gallery today.  The kids got to see some amazing paintings and sculptures by real artists.  They were so great to let us come and to give our kids a great art experience.
They first took a walk around the gallery to look at all the art then they each got the chance to make their own work of art.  They painted with acryllic paints on canvas using the primary colors.  They got to paint like a real artist using one color as a base, then adding a little of the second color, and finally signing their name with the third color.  The kids all loved painting and their art looked so good when it was framed! 
They even got blue 1st place ribbons for their works or art!

Finally the kids got to walk around and find their favorite painting and get their picture taken with it.  It was really interesting to see which paintings each kid picked and why it was their favorite.

T's favorite painting.  A landscape with mountains.
 EW's favorite. An oil painting of a train yard.
 G's favorite painting of a typewriter.
 EM's favorite painting. A town with traintracks.
 P, J, and K all had the same favorite painting!  A farmer plowing a field with horses.

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  1. The boys had fun and I did too! It was a great outing.
    Thank you for putting it all together!