Sunday, March 6, 2011

Children's Museum

For our Science Week field trip we went to the Children's Museum in town.  We got a great deal, being a school group, and were able to bring a bunch of friends and neighbors to join us.  All the kids seemed to have a blast and it was so fun watching them play with and experiment with all the things around them.  For our preschool boys it seemed like the ball room and the construction room were probably the favorites.

Here's a few pictures of the boys- although they aren't the best since I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. (J- if you have some more pictures please post them!)

EM and his brother C playing in the ball room.
 T playing musical pipes.
 G, with his friend C who joined us, playing in the construction zone- helping unload bricks for the building crew.
 EM and C loading bricks into wheelbarrows to deliver to the loading crew.
T and G raising a brick up with cranks after EM loaded it on the pad.
 G and T, G's cousin, unloading the bricks.
 T and P playing in the water zone.  P is pumping water and T is filling up a cup and transferring the water to a different area while M, P's sister, plays on the side. (Sorry!  This is the only picture of P that I got.)
 Here is T building magnet towers at the magnet station.
All in all a marvelous day!  This was one of the best field trips and the kids had SO much fun exploring and experimenting to their hearts content, and we didn't once have to say, "Don't touch that!"  J and I think we should have a Blue Preschool reunion here in the summer...  Good times!

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