Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outer Space and Astronauts

Today for Blue Preschool, we talked about outer space, planets, stars, the sun and moon, and astronauts. (I guess that one astronomy class I took in college finally paid off.) After our welcome and pledge of allegiance, we talked about the letter R for Rocket, number 12, color yellow, and the shapes circle, star, and crescent. I had borrowed several books from the library about space and so each boy looked through a book and tried to find each of the shapes we were reviewing today. They did really well at it.

We read the book "If I Were An Astronaut," by Eric Braun, and talked about a few things astronauts do and how life is different without gravity. We talked about the different things astronauts might see in space (stars, sun, earth, moon, planets) and then went to the kitchen to make our "Space Books." The boys did a great job following directions on each of the four pages of the book.Page one, we decorated with star stickers:Page two, we cut out a crescent shape for the moon and glued it on:Page three, we potato-stamped a circle to make a yellow sun:
Page four didn't work out exactly as planned, but it still turned out kind of cool-looking. The original plan was to put on a sticker, paint all around it with water colors, and then peel off the sticker to make a white circle for the planet. Unfortunately I didn't anticipate how saturated the paper and sticker would get. But they had fun and it looks cool, anyway.Here are T and G working hard on their books:
P, K, EW, J and EM painting: (these boys are getting good at water colors!)
P working on his fine motor skills:
Next, it was time for snack. We talked a little bit about what it would be like to eat in space without gravity and our food floating all over the room. We pretended to be astronauts and drank fruit juice from pouches (Capri Sun) and then the boys chose either applesauce or yogurt and got to eat it from a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. This took a little help in some cases and was a little messy, but fun. (Snack time was also supplemented with grapes and pretzels.)

G squeezes out his yogurt:
EW sucks on his yogurt:
J trying hard to get some more food out of the baggie:
EM did a great job, too!
Teacher B had a great idea that we decided to institute: Ten-minute quiet time! It gave me a few minutes to clean up and get ready for the next project, and the boys were pretty good at staying quiet, with a few reminders from B. :)
The final project of the day was making our own telescope. (Thanks everyone for the paper towel rollers you saved for me!) Idea from everythingpreschool.com

What You Need:
  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Paint
  • Black Tissue Paper
  • Various Other Art Supplies of Your Choice
    What You Do:
    Put two pieces of black tissue paper at the end of a paper towel tube and fasten it with a rubber band. Using a small object (pencil, pen, paperclip, etc.) punch several small holes in the tissue paper. Next let your children decorate their telescope however they see fit. When your children look through the telescope and hold it up to a light they will see stars!

They turned out pretty well and it was fun!

Thank you SO much to B for helping me out. I couldn't make it through the chaos with out your help!

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  1. So cute! I love the astronaut food in the ziplock bag and the telescopes are really cute. I love looking through it and seeing the "stars" on the ceiling... oh and T loves it too!