Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flag and Voting Day!

Since S has been sick, I decided to help her out and post a little about what we did on Tuesday. Sorry I don't have any pictures to add but maybe she can add them when she and her family are feeling better.

As the gathering activity S put out lots of fun puzzles for the boys to do. After the puzzles were cleaned up, S put out little foam squares with each students name on them, so they had their "spot" to sit on during class time. They introduced EM as the Star helper and went over weather and the calendar.

S introduced the number 6 and color blue and had each boy count 6 blue paper clips and place them on the number 6. They all really enjoyed this and got so excited they often got ahead of the paperclips.

S also talked about the star shape and the letter F. She had an F shaped hole punch that she had each boy punch out of a blue paper.

Next was the pledge of Allegiance and talking about the flag. She had a fun song about the flag that they sang to the tune of Mary had a little lamb. (Sorry I don't remember well enough how it went to write it down.)

Since preschool was on Nov. 2nd, S talked to the boys about voting and had each one in turn vote for their favorite color. While the boys were voting we kept the other boys busy by singing some more songs. After they voted and received their future voter badges S counted up the votes to reveal that blue one the election 5 to 1 against purple.

For the blue books S had the boys put foam stars on a flag and color it. The snack followed.

Lastly was the much anticipated free time which the boys always seem to enjoy:)

I may have forgotten some things or gotten the order a bit off, but this gives you a general idea of how things went down.

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