Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fire Safety!

Today's Blue Preschool was all about fire engines, fire trucks, fire fighters, and fire safety.

Gathering Activity: Puzzles
Welcome: Pledge, Calendar, Weather, Happy Birthday to E.W. (he got a special birthday button to wear), introduction of RED, RECTANGLES, LETTER E, and NUMBER 7.
Discussion: Fire Safety at Home.
(We talked about why you shouldn't play with matches or fire. What is a smoke detector, and what does it sound like? We should find at least two escape routes from any room in our house. What is a fire extinguisher? Stop, drop and roll. Crawling under the smoke to get out of a room.)

Practicing Stop, Drop, and Roll was fun:
We used a sheet to simulate "smoke" and the boys had to crawl under it. They could choose whether they wished to be blindfolded or not. The blindfold would simulate crawling in the dark.
I had intended to, but completely forgot to teach the kids this cute "911 Song." My plan had been to talk about only using "911" for emergencies, never just for fun. Then we were going to learn this song:

911 (to the tune of "This old Man")

9-1-1, 9-1-1,

Press the buttons, 9-1-1.

If you're hurt or scared or you don't know what to do,

9-1-1 sends help to you.

We read a book called "The Fire Engine Book" which basically goes through what firefighters do when they are called to a fire.

For snack time, we made fire engines out of crackers and pretzels, stuck together with cream cheese:After snack time, we made another fire engine out of a RED RECTANGLE. It's cute to see how much these boys enjoy making paper crafts. Professional glue-stick-ers, I tell you.

After completing our paper projects, we had free playtime. Some of the boys chose to listen to a book about Curious George, when he accidentally calls the fire department. Other boys played with toys or played the "Fire Matching Game."Most of all, I think everyone is VERY READY for our trip to the Fire Station tomorrow morning! See you there!

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  1. SOOO CUTE! Great job, can't wait for tomorrow.