Friday, November 5, 2010

Patriotic Parade and Flags

For patriotism week we got together at a park by C's house and did a little lesson on flags and a patriotic parade. P and EM were sick today and we all missed them- we hope they feel better soon!

First we had a guest teacher come speak to us about the flag of the United States of America.  The guest was T's Daddy who is also a Sergeant in the Army National Guard.  He talked to the kids about each color on the flag and what is represented.  He also taught them why the flag is special and how we should take care of it. 
 Each kid got a chance to hold the flag and then they all did the Pledge of Allegiance together (they have been learning this in preschool and some of them have it pretty much down).
After that the kids painted some flags with their watercolors. They all found their blue and red paints and tried their best to paint in the right areas on their flags.
The painted flags were then taped to their bikes/scooters for the parade.  The kids also were able to decorate by putting streamers, stars, and balloons on their bikes and helmets.  When they were all ready we had a little parade around the track with R waving the American flag, W and B holding up a USA banner, C taking pictures and helping, and the kids all riding around and singing songs.  It was really cute and we all stayed together for one or two minutes before a few of the kids took off, but they all had a great time and it was fun for them to do.
After the parade we had a flag for snack made by W.  The kids all loved it and so did the Moms.  C also provided string cheese and water.

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