Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fire Station

Today the Blue Preschool Boys and their siblings visited Sandy Fire Station #35 for a tour.
They got a very detailed explanation of the fire engine and all the tools on board,
and they loved it.
EW, T, G, P, J & EM
Sandy Firefighters Friel and Taylor, along with the preschool boys & their siblings. (Thanks to those brave firefighters for taking on such a group of kids! Whew!)
(BPS Moms- if you have better pictures than these, please add them on. I won't be offended.)

Here are some of W's pictures:
 Making silly faces:)
Hooray for fire trucks!!!

Here are some of R's pictures and a little video
 In the ambulance
 On your mark... get set... GO!
The kids had fun racing across the bay together.

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